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The Sun from the Cars

The Sun from the Cars
The solar panels on the roof, hood and door of the car – are the opportunity to get additional energy for the movement. German company Sono Motors is planning mass production of a solar panel electric vehicle.
Electric car Sion was presented in summer, 2018. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery reaches
35 kW/year; potentially this figure can be increased to 45 kW.
The drive range of Sion is 250 km, electric motor is 161 hp gives the acceleration of the car up to 100 km in 9 seconds, the maximum speed – 140 km/h. The square of ​​330 photovoltaic modules is 7,5m2. The maximum output power is 1208 watts (Wp), which will increase the mileage of the electric car by 30 km per day.
The claimed cost of Sion without a battery is $18,000. The battery can be purchased or leased from the manufacturer. Serial production is scheduled for 2019. This is another important step of mankind towards clean and free energy!