The first «green»: Silpo Re Cycling

Bohdan Deiko, a Lead Energy Audit Engineer in «Silpo», tells about the peculiarities of «green» retail
Regarding the features of Silpo Re Cycling

Silpo Re Cycling has implemented a range of solutions aimed at energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

664 solar panels are placed on the roof of the building. Each generates up to 410 watt-hours of electricity for the supermarket needs. For street lighting, local solar panels and batteries are used on each of the 16 lighting poles. During construction, we installed two geothermal pumps that use ground heat energy for heating
and cooling the supermarket. Geothermal pumps are very productive, and they have high energy efficiency, which, in its turn, has a positive effect on reducing the cost of electricity consumed. This economic and environmental alternative has a number of
advantages. It uses a renewable and sustainable source of energy that will never run out. Besides, it creates energy security and independence.

We constantly monitor the use of resources through dispatching and monitoring systems. This allows the most efficient management of individual building systems, even remotely, and also provides the necessary basis for calculations for savings strategies and investment solutions.

Instead of refrigerators with freon, equipment in which carbon dioxide acts as a refrigerant has been installed. CO2 does not destroy the Earth's ozone layer and is more energy efficient. When choosing refrigeration units, we also carefully analyzed even the smallest details and looked for the most modern solutions: from frequency-controlled drives in multi-compressor units to energysaving lids and doors in commercial refrigeration equipment.

We abandoned the classic lawn in favor of a more environmentally friendly approach – we grow perennial plants and use drip watering.

Plastic recycled from fishing nets and ropes was used for carts production. Electronic price tags have been installed in the store. Such solutions, in addition to directly benefiting the environment, are also an excellent method of communication and engaging customers in the environmental movement.

We encourage our customers to choose environmentally friendly transport and create comfortable conditions for this. There are 6 charging stations for electric cars in Silpo Re Cycling. There is also under roof bicycle parking.

The recycling station of the Silpo Re Cycling operates here. However, sorting also takes place in the daily activities of the supermarket. At all stages of work: in the office, production shops, utility rooms, inside the trade hall and at the entrance to the store – instead of garbage cans, containers for separate waste collection are
installed. Our contractors pick up, sort and send the collected materials for recycling.

In addition to managing environmental pressures, energy consumption, water use, waste generation, etc., we also take into account the social components of sustainable development, which relate to the well-being of employees and customers. And, of course, the goals of the economic component, without which environmental and social goals cannot be achieved on a permanent basis.
Regarding motives

The «Silpo» network is eco-friendly and has a strong community of like-minded people – we are very happy that our customers are eco-conscious and concerned
about the planet. We promote conscious consumption and always try to implement as many ecoinitiatives as possible. Thanks to the cooperation with the EBRD –
its financial and advisory support – we have the opportunity to implement this large-scale project and build a «green» supermarket.

Regarding innovations

This is the first supermarket in Ukraine with a refrigeration system for commercial equipment on CO2. Silpo Re Cycling was also the first to combine such a number
of energy efficiency solutions, in particular geothermal heating and air conditioning, as well as solar power plants.

We are currently on the path to BREEAM certification – an international system for assessing the environmental performance of buildings. Among its main conditions: minimal impact on the environment, use of energy efficient equipment and compliance with environmental goals. Silpo Re Cycling is built in accordance with
the BREEAM requirements, whose certificate is obtained by only a few enterprises in Ukraine today.
Regarding the goal

«Green» supermarkets are a global trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Every year, European networks build or re-equip several hundred supermarkets in accordance with modern
environmental requirements. Our goal is to start this trend in the Ukrainian market. We hope
that there will be more «green» technologies and shops, because this is the only sustainable way of

Regarding the footprint

Obviously, the difference with other supermarkets is very big. First, Silpo Re Cycling partially supplies itself
with electricity from renewable sources, and this is radically different from the case when the power
supply comes from traditional power plants. Second, we use CO2 as a refrigerant. Its Global Warming Potential rate is one, unlike Freon,
whose GWP is measured in the thousands. Third, the development of environmentally friendly
transport usage reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reduces the consumption of combustible fuels, which pollute the
atmosphere during use.

Regarding scaling «green» solutions

There are approaches that are already being implemented online. For example, recycling stations, waste sorting at all stages of work inside stores, VRF air conditioning systems with the ability to work in the mode of heat pumps, recuperation system from refrigeration equipment for water heating, frequency control in refrigeration compressors, doors on refrigerated racks, motion
sensors for lighting in refrigerators and energy-saving curtains, ecofriendly
packaging, such as starch bags that can be composted and much more.
Regarding the experience of using «green» technologies

We believe that energy-efficient equipment and waste sorting should be used. And, of course, if possible, switch to the renewable energy sources usage.

It is also worth emphasizing the importance of building automation. It is an intelligent system of both hardware and software that combines heating, ventilation
and air conditioning, lighting and other control systems with a single platform. The automation system provides important information about the operational
characteristics of the building, as well as increases user safety and reduces energy costs.

Before making decisions on the implementation of various technologies, an in-depth analysis of the proposed systems was carried out by a large number of specialists
of our company. Based on this, all implemented solutions work successfully at facility and allow to optimize energy consumption, as well as reduce the environmental

Regarding the price of «green» innovations

Each technology has its payback period, in addition, the calculations should take into account the characteristics of the business and its volume, production processes
and life cycle. Therefore, it is impossible to operate in general terms – expensive or
not. But there is, for example, the impressive experience of European supermarkets, which receive up to 50% energy savings through the use of renewable energy sources.

Regarding responsibility

We try our best to reduce the harmful effects on the environment, reduce waste
and use resources rationally, and we do not forget about the social component. In addition to environmental initiatives, we use this approach in shaping the range of stores. For example, Silpo has a Tradition Shop project. It supports small Ukrainian
producers – farmers and artisans who adhere to environmental and ethical conditions of production, and promote the development of local communities. We also consider the life satisfaction level to be one of the most important things, so we work to bring joy to our customers and create comfortable working conditions
for our employees.