KNESS life

Perhaps, many of us have come through this. In childhood, we were dreaming of changing the world, but then we started to work and understood that the work is about «providing yourself with money», and «changing the world» is about pipe dreams there's almost no time left for.

However, there are exceptions. For instance, our KNESS Group. We are about values. About an opportunity to contribute to the case of importance, quite literally, for all humanity. About the possibility to do what is important for our own and future generations. To work at KNESS Group means to dedicate oneself to a cause of unprecedented importance.

You don't believe it? You would say this is impossible? Please read how our team members describe their work and their values.

Yes, we are lucky. And there are many of us like that at KNESS Group. All that has been going on for 10 years already. And it will be going on!

Hanna Kozyr, Internal Communications Manager, KNESS Group

When the job is an element of lifestyle, it allows you to be whole and sincere. Every day, I can, by personal example, instill in my son the habits and behavior that will help keep the world the way we know it. The work aimed at the development and promotion of green energy, conscious consumption, waste reduction, resource conservation, doing more with less, and reducing your environmental footprint is my everyday contribution, to the extent possible, to CO2 reduction and climate protection.
The more people know about the transition to renewable source energy, about dealing with wastes and environmental pollution, conscious consumption, about the way to protect the climate – the more chances the humanity will have to survive. Our company and our team, where everyone is on the same page, are a source of instruments and solutions that give hope for the future already today. I see this future, where humans leave in harmony with nature.

Lina Kukuruza, Senior Specialist of
Credit Administration, KNESS Group

The Sun is what makes our life amazing. Due to the sunlight, we see the world around us, enjoy amazing landscapes of our planet, we exist. When the sun goes down beyond the horizon, we are still able to see thanks to electric power. We take energy as something mundane, as air. We do not ask where this energy comes from, and whether it poisons our air. Due to my work at KNESS I am engaged in constructing a new energy system of Ukraine and the world. The world, where there is no place for «Chornobyl», or for harmful emissions in the atmosphere. There is nothing more interesting and grand for me than to work for the Sun. Together, we make the world a better place!

Oleksandr Kotsiuba, Architect- Engineer on Feasibility Studies, KNESS Group
The Sun is a star! Oh, no, not the star that has many talents and is broadcasted at all TV channels, not the one that beautifully sings or dances. The Sun is the STAR that makes your day brighter, that will warm you up, hugging you with its beams. It creates unbelievable evening landscapes and gives us a chance to enjoy the moment when it slowly hides beyond the horizon. To meet with you tomorrow again.

The Sun is our everything! This is light, warmth, and many other things. Without the Sun, life would not have had emerged on the Earth.

Sun is a powerful source of energy, which it constantly radiates in all spectral regions of electromagnetic waves – from X-rays and UV-rays to radio waves. So why wouldn't we benefit from the gifts of our generous Sun? We exhaust our Earth, sponging it of all energy and resources. Why? Why would we spoil what the Earth has given us?

To increase the amount of renewable energy usage and not to damage what is around you. This is a goal that emerged when I started to work for the Sun. To dream about the beautiful future, we should work now already. If the company will develop just as quickly and persistently, enrich itself with progressive staff that will work for the common goal, then one more company, KNESS, will be added to the list of leaders and global brands – Google, Apple, Microsoft. This will contribute to the development of Ukraine by having increased the use of environmentally clean energy in all possible spheres.

Alina Tarnopolska,
Office Administrator, KNESS PV

What company I work for is important to me, because our work takes most of our active time. That is why, considering the labor market propositions, I was looking for a place where general ideas and values would resonate most with my own. I decided on KNESS because this business was launched by ordinary Ukrainian guys, who had not been looking for excuses but launched their own enterprise that has grown in a successful and competitive business. I am always pulling for able people, I am filled with pride when I see such examples, and I want to pave my path in league with such people.

Indeed, when you are surrounded by people whose level you are trying to reach, you are growing, too. I like challenging myself – setting a goal to myself and reaching it; that is why I was persistent when decided to get a job at KNESS. I think that starting a carrier from a low-level position is even an advantage – you have enough time to gain more knowledge and experience. I also think that this company has a huge economic potential to become a European giant in renewable energy, thus granting Ukraine a status of the eco-friendly state in the international community. I strongly disapprove of the «atom for peace», and I wish that all nuclear power plants stop working and be properly disposed of. And I believe – we are moving to that. All that I personally can do for that is to be one of those who work for the Sun.

I see my company as a strong holding that has branches all over the world, that teaches others to turn solar energy into electric power and to do that while making the most for all participants of the process. I see how hundreds of thousands of new sustainable jobs will be created, young Ukrainian professionals will be able to work abroad, but at the Ukrainian company. Ukraine has an extremely high budgetary gain due to KNESS's cooperation with international companies that buy electric power, educational services, and royalties on inventions that were patented in the process of the longstanding work to improve the production process. Our country will no longer depend on the imported sources of electric power and natural gas.

Tetiana Luzhenetska, Production Clerk at the Operational Planning Department,
KNESS Product

Solar energy is our future. This slogan has sounded many times during the official launch of solar plants in Ukraine and will sound in 10, 20, 50 years. To disagree that solar energy is vital is utterly shortsighted. Indeed, technically, the available potential of solar energy in the territory of Ukraine is huge. I am sure that in the future renewable energy sources potentially can cover about 50-80% of the total electric power consumption.

Support for the development of renewable energy requires an impact of the political will, legislation, investment, and a new energy strategy. This is important!

Recently, while surfing the Internet, I came across an interview with Arne Jacobson, Head of Board of AICE Hydro AS, a big hydropower producer in Norway. For the electric power market in Ukraine to meet European standards and be interesting for investors, Arne recommends developing its long-term consistent general structure for 20-30 years ahead, consistent conditions and prices, in this case, for renewable energy. Arne Jacobson is sure that today, every country should work to ensure that a share of renewable energy reaches 100%. To attract investors to the electric power market, Ukraine should implement 3 conditions, he stresses. «It is necessary to eliminate corruption, to simplify the licensing process, which is not difficult at all, and to secure stability, which is not difficult either», the expert says. «In Ukraine, a process of securing licenses to install renewable energy facilities is still too complicated, bureaucratic» Indeed, the Ukrainian government should create a mechanism to support the development of Ukraine's renewable energy. Such tools should minimize expenditures for technological connection to grids or even completely cover connection expenses for the renewable energy facilities. The current goal is to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the total energy balance of Ukraine to 21% in 2035. This is a very ambitious and difficult task. All stakeholders should be starting an open discussion on how that can be reached. People, the government, all our planet is interested in the clean future.

In 10 years, I want to see Ukraine independent… Energy independent, and Ukrainians, conscious! Indeed, how much longer can we continue «breathing coal»? Sustainability, green energy, technological innovations – all that is Ukraine's conscious future. When we think that green energy is a gold standard of environmentally-friendly and most safe energy, then the reforms will occur a lot faster. I am sure that our state has all possibilities to change the energy development vector of its economy towards ecologically clean, safe and cheap energy.

Volodymyr Golodyuk,
Engineer of the Department of Automatization and Electronic Systems, KNESS RnD Center

For me, my work at our company means the possibility to do research and development in Ukraine and to make my contribution to something that will be the best in the world and will be branded «made in Ukraine». I am sure that in 5-10 years we will produce top Ukrainian energy equipment that will be used in every corner of our planet.

Oleksandr Sokolov,
Leading Surveying Engineer, KNESS Group

The renewable energy industry is something new, progressive, very needed in the future. I want to
work in the industry, which is the future. In the future, I see Ukraine independent, European, and selfreliant, where young people go abroad only to study, to come back and achieve their full potential in Ukraine.

Andrii Bondar,
Chemist-Analyst, KNESS RnD Center

My goal is to be helpful and not to waste a chance. That is why I decided to find a branch that would
be promising in its impact on the environment and on the people. By good fortune, KNESS RnD was
looking for people that would be able to take upon themselves an area of research of hydrogen
technologies and technologies of accumulation and energy transfer in time. So it happened that my
goal and the company's goal are in the same directions; this synergy inspires and motivates me to «work for the Sun».

Yurii Demenkov,
Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, KNESS Product

Renewable energy is an innovative sphere that is beneficial for the development of the state and
the economy. The intensified development of RES requires the business to transform for quick
adaptation to the clients' needs. I stand for development, innovation, and digital transformation.
The conscience of our citizens can move our state up in the rating of the developed countries of the
world. With savings and renewable, this is possible in 5-10 years already.

Bohdan Bondar, Dispatcher, KNESS Service

Why have I chosen the Sun? Even as a high school student, I had a clear understanding of what direction I should go, what I should study to choose a profession with which I will go through my life. My choice fell on the energy sector for a simple reason, as it seemed to me 15-years-old – nothing is
possible today without energy. With this insight, other professions fell away automatically; I wanted to do the job that will be beneficial for the whole world and will bring me moral and material satisfaction.
When studying I realized that not everything is so interesting and colorful as it seemed, but having completed my studies I did not give up – I pursued my profession and found a job at oblenergo [a regional power distribution company]. The big energy sector gave me a clear understanding and a picture – «something must be changed; this can't go on». The most important and key industry for any civilized country is neglected; people are not happy with their work, with an approach to the work. Having seen that, it occurred to me: «if you cannot change anything here, make a different change». After 3.5 years at oblenergo, I changed my job to the system control service at KNESS Service.
It was here that, having chosen the Sun, I understood that changes are easy to do. I see how the RES industry develops in Ukraine, and those changes make me happy. I see the attitude to the job, inspiration, smiles, interest, and appetite for changes in people I work with, and I understand – my
choice was correct. Having only a little experience, I can clearly say – we are progressing in a very fast and confident manner. To prove my words, I can cite a small study that I conducted already working at KNESS Service. Our company already services 750 MW of peak PVPP capacity; according to NEC Ukrenergo, plants we service generate 26.86% in Ukraine's total RES generation – this is an everyday schedule. I made such calculations twice; in comparison with May 2019, our share increased by about 5%. In sum, I can say that, by choosing the Sun, I have chosen the progress, the development, and the clear goal; and for me, as a maximalist, this is extremely important.