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Ukraine's market of renewable energy has entered a period of temporary stagnation – due to the uncertainty of the legal environment, pandemics, economic instability. In a search for solutions to diversify their businesses, large EPC contractors started to offer services of SPP maintenance. However, this area requires the availability of a specific experience. To ensure 100% productivity of SPP, possessing an intuition and an experience of a general contractor is not enough.
The KNESS Service team works at the market of SPP maintenance and technical service since 2014. It is one of the first Ukrainian companies that specialize exclusively in this area. Thanks to its own activities and cooperation with international partners, KNESS Service has an experience that improves every day and is applied to all sites serviced by the company.

Maximum efficiency
An industrial SPP today has a double nature: it is a real asset for its owner and a source of clean energy for the consumer and the state. In both cases, a solar power plant should work to a maximum effect. This can be guaranteed only by the correct maintenance and technical service. What does it include? A range of measures to achieve four main tasks: the provision of seamless SPP operation, minimization of the fault correction time, comprehensive and transparent reporting on the main equipment operation and the amount of generation, and reducing expenditures for imbalance compensation through the most accurate generation forecast.
Kness service in numbers and facts
KNESS Service is the first Ukrainian company that introduced and approved solar plant maintenance standards. It is a team that has experience and skills of managing solar power plants in the range from 0.5 MW to 91 MW and performing maintenance of equipment with a voltage of over 35 kV. The company has the only in Ukraine centralized system control center with the 24/7 remote monitoring of solar power plants and a rapid action team. KNESS Service has its own high-voltage laboratory, a solar field heat monitoring service, and an information system developed at KNESS, in particular, SCADA software that allows 24/7 monitoring of all indicators at a site. KNESS Service is also a manufacturer: at its facilities, it produces weather systems that help measure the anticipated SPP generation based on the weather conditions at its site. All of that contributes to the most comprehensive expertise of KNESS Service in the SPP maintenance market. Based on the total capacity, a market share of KNESS Service is 20.5% of all ground solar power plants built in Ukraine. In addition to ground plants, the company provides maintenance to four rooftop industrial power plants with a total peak capacity of 5.4 MW located in Kherson, Kharkiv, and Vinnytsia Oblasts and three transformer yards with the capacity of 110 and 150 kW.
What is included in the full spp maintenance and technical service package
It is servicing, day-to-day on-site maintenance, on-duty personnel according to the regulations, a mobile team that is engaged in case of problems, and scheduled preventive maintenance. It is an operational service, a 24/7 system control center, plant security service, and service of the automated information and measuring system of commercial electric power metering.
The maintenance also includes washing and site improvements: grass mowing and solar module clearing from dust, dirt, and snow.
In case of deviation from the forecasted values, this information is instantly displayed on the monitor, and the control engineer directly contacts the chief electrical technician at SPP, who makes an inspection, and then the decision is made. The electric technician solves a problem; if not, the mobile team with skilled workers arrives to troubleshoot the problem. It takes no more than 24 hours.
Where we work
To be the most efficient in providing SPPs with spare parts, KNESS Service created a broad network of branches and storehouses with all the necessary equipment. The company's professional staff is based in Kherson, Voznesenske, Belhorod-Dnistrovskiy, Kamyanets-Podilskiy, Kyiv, and Vinnytsia. Currently, the opening of offices in Dnipro or Poltava is being considered.
As for spare parts – each site serviced by the company always has a stockroom with a list of spare parts agreed individually with each customer. It is an individual approach to each site. KNESS Service works as a spare parts operator at the site; it controls spare parts availability and signals about replenishing when necessary.
The it component in spp efficiency
KNESS Service has an automated process and generation control system – SCADA software. It takes and sends full data on the equipment status to the control center: on/ off status, current and voltage values, current and daily power output, and all electrical parameters influencing power generation that help assess whether SPP performance is optimal.
SCADA has a powerful analytic unit. The software automatically analysis differences in currents in inverters and warns about those differences. You can compare inverter generation charts for different days to pinpoint small flaws. All information collected is stored on the company's servers and, if necessary, may be viewed for any day of any year.
Then, the forecasting software. The operation of a solar power plant in the Guaranteed Buyer's balancing group is somewhat specific by its nature: a power plant's owner should advise day ahead about planned amount of power generation. In the case of renewable sources, namely, solar power plants, it is quite tricky to do, because you should account for many parameters: changes in weather conditions, seasonality, and equipment performance.
For this purpose, KNESS developed a special tool for forecasting the hourly generation of solar plants called PV Forecast. This product allows owners to save on regulating imbalances. The high- quality forecasts help bring those expenditures down to a minimum. PV Forecast contains several modules that collect and analyze forecasts of weather parameters allow to at the site where SPP is located, actual meteorologic parameters measured by the weather station, as well as service maintenance data, including the electric output of generating facilities. Obtained data are aggregated by artificial intelligence (AI) that forms a day-ahead SPP generation forecast.
The use of AI in PV Forecast ensures a minimal system error that is about 18-20% for a day-ahead forecast and 9-12% for the intraday forecasts.
An important element of IT is PV.METEO, a complex of weather monitoring. To assess performance of the solar power plant, information is collected from a set of meteorological sensors of solar radiation, temperature, humidity, and wind velocity.
Spp acceptance to service
There is a procedure of the plant acceptance; often, it is developed at the design stage already. After completion of the SPP construction, it is subject to the technical audit – an inspection of the quality of construction; of the plant's readiness for high voltage. Then the launching program which is reconciled with the oblenergo is developed; a regulation on the relations between the KNESS Service Control Center and the oblenergo of the respective region is signed; a service agreement between Kness Service and the owner is signed.

If an already working SPP is accepted for service, an audit is still performed. Then the former service organization passes on the documentation. After the audit, all the comments are reflected in a report, the owner is informed, and upon reaching an agreement on all details a service contract is signed. The HR Department helps in recruiting workers to provide maintenance of the plant from people that live not far from the site, with the head of operations and the senior control engineer coming to interviews.

The spp service market
This market has only started to develop. A service company should understand an owner well, as SPP should be an asset with the sustainable long-term income for them. KNESS Service is sure that all customers of the company receive top-grade services in line with the highest global standards and the KNESS Group values.