Placement: Illinetskyi district, Vinnytsia region
Power: peak capacity 10,87 MW
Area: 20,68 ha

The «Dashiv» Photovoltaic power plant is one of the three PVPPs that KNESS Group implemented with the financial support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Svitlana Voitenko, secretary of Dashiv settlement council:

Due to the cooperation of the executive committee and the district state administration on the territory of the Dashevsky OTG, 20 hectares of land were allocated in Dashiv on which, from May to September 2018, the solar power plant was built by the investor.
This cooperation has made it possible to increase revenues to the local budget to the amount of 528.8 thousand UAH annually and provide community inhabitants with permanent workplaces.
Thanks to this cooperation in Dashiv village, a pavement on the Sobornaya street was additionally repaired. The total value of work is 393.3 thousand UAH, 100 thousand UAH out of which was allocated by the investor of the solar station.

Vasyl Polishchuk, equipment maintenance electrician in PVPP «Dashiv»:

PVPP «Dashiv» produces enough energy to provide around 7,500 households with it. If you compare this number with the number of residents of Dashiv – it will be enough for 5 such settlements. The station is located on the land not suitable for agriculture.
I am from Dashiv myself. I hold a degree of electrician. I have been working here since the very beginning of the construction. It is not difficult to work at the station, it is harder to get such a job – because KNESS has pretty serious requirements for the staff regarding to their professionalism.
The station currently has 8 employees who are responsible for the security and maintenance of the station. My task is to monitor work of the equipment, to note all the indicators and parameters of the station's operation, to monitor its constant work. This and other solar plants are in Ukraine for good. Because they make us more energy independent, reduce the need of energy resources` import. Besides that they provide new opportunities for the budgets of local communities. As far as I know United Territorial Community will invest first incomes of the budget for school and kindergarten reconstructions.