Experts' selected quotes
Talk-show "Light Energy"
At the end of last year, a program was launched devoted to an important issue for the country: renewable energy . Leading experts from the companies that build solar power plants, the banking and public sectors attended the studio of the «Light Energy» talk show at OBOZ TV. For those who missed the broadcast of the first specialized talk show, we picked up the quotations of its participants.
Semen Puskai, Deputy Director of Small and Medium Business Department of Ukrgasbank

Houses, especially old houses, where about 80-90% of the population lives, are not energy efficient – they are not warm, do not store heat, they have old windows, poor lighting. You can say that their residents think the same categories, which were formed during the construction of those houses...
The people who managed to negotiate with each other – became the apartment building co-owner association, and for such people there is a state program in which Ukrgasbank works as well. This is the financing of energy-efficient measures that are carried out in multi-apartment buildings in order to save energy, heat consumption and insulation. According to the program of State Agency for the Protection of the Condominiums, 40% of the loan is compensated. There are also local budgets: cities, districts with additional compensation, there are currently near 230 of such programs in the country. There are examples where the apartment building co-owner association managed to compensate for up to 90% of the loan. Energy-efficient work is all about optimizing consumption. Nevertheless, the apartment building co-owner association can go ahead and start implementing Renewable Energy Projects, the most suitable for the apartment building co-owner associations is solar projects. Then, making money out of it, thay could compensate utility costs.
Maksym Babaiev, co-founder of Green School

It is necessary to change the attitude towards our property, to expect certain obligations, to feel our responsibility and to begin to act in accordance with this responsibility. All actions that will lead to money saving should be decided by all the co-owners of the house together. The ability to negotiate – perhaps the most painful issue for Ukrainians, not only in the field of energy efficiency. It is difficult for us. I would advise you to start communicating more closely with your neighbors and constantly look for opportunities. After optimizing their energy consumption, we can start to think about renewable energy sources. The sun can be used both for generating electricity and for generating heat. Demonstration of a real example works the best. We often use this in Green School practice: we let people to visit an energy efficient house or solar power plant; we invite practitioners who can tell how it really works; we give specific decisions.
Valerii Nikitchenko, head of the apartment building co-owner association «Oberih na Pozniakakh»

When we started to manage the house and put things right, we began with an audit and energy audit. We have studied all the features of the house; we found out what was wrong and needed updating, repair, modernization. We created a plan for several years. Most of people have already learned how to count the money spent on house maintenance and utilities, because prices grew up and take a certain part of each family budget. Our apartment building co-owner association has passed a long way – we started with simple things: we replaced some windows, some doors and the lighting on credit. And when people saw that the new doors and windows were standing, light with motion sensors was installed and working, the loan was paid back, that we received compensation – they realized that now we can go further and bring the house to an exemplary condition. This year we will install a solar power plant in one section of 60 kW, heat pumps in 2 sections. Next year we will install another 120 kW of solar power plant on the second and third sections of the building and twice as many heat pumps as well.
Ivan Vekirchyk, co-founder and member of the investment committee KNESS Group

How do we differ from developed countries? They started (to develop renewable energy), when everything was very expensive: both technology and equipment. We started when the prices were significantly lower, so we are in a better place as we also have experience from these pioneers. Thus, it will be easier for Ukraine to go to 100% renewable energy. The development of the RE market takes place from different sides. The market already consists not only of industrial, but also of the tangible share of private households.
Their potential is very big, since 7,500 private stations are only first results from the fact that people have just begun to be interested in solar stations, started to realize that this is possible, not difficult and quite affordable. It is time to look forward to the development of the solar market from the private household sector – which will allow the unloading of networks across the country, as generation will be next to consumption. We should expect the same noticeable movement of businesses from all sectors to participate in the solar market, as it is happening around the world, where to use exclusively pure energy is a standard for global corporations.
Viacheslav Mizhariov, owner of the first private PVPP in Kyiv region, now – CEO KB Energy, a company that builds private and industrial PVPP

Back in 2013, there were big problems with the electricity supply in my private home – the electricity turned off constantly. Then with that little experience that I had, I figured out how much time and money I would spend on servicing the generator and how much time and money would take an autonomous system based on solar panels. «Why do you need it, it will never pay off» – said all around. Now the same people, who said it, turn to me and say completely opposite: «I want to have a solar plant to make money». In 2013 there already was a feed-in tariff, but nobody used it. Only one desperate person in Lviv built one station – and that`s all. In Kyiv and the Kyiv region nobody knew about it and did not understand it. So, I decided to take advantage of the legitimate opportunity to connect the station to the feed- in tariff. If a person invests his money and sees how it works, if he becomes autonomous, if he becomes a participant of the energy market – it changes the type of human thinking towards civil society.
Andrii Dlihach, Doctor of Economics, General Director of Advanter Group

For Ukraine energy independence is a strategic and very important issue. It will take years to resolve it. However, the achievement of energy independence within one's own home is a completely realistic task that thousands of Ukrainian families have already succeeded in.
Roman Mrozakevych, founder of the, contractor search service for the construction of SPP

Private solar stations are, primarily, business. People can give money to the bank – and they will have 5% a year in euros or dollars. If they invest money in a solar station – it gives them about 18%. Often people are worried that a bank may be closed, but when a person builds a PVPP, they will still have their plant at any circumstances – on their ground or on their roof. In addition, PVPP is a choice of ecologically conscious people.
Vitalii Hodun, Deputy Director of Retail Banking Department of Ukrgasbank

Eco-direction only starts being in the groove. We can look at the historical retrospective – two years ago only a few households installed solar panels. During these two years, since we implemented our credit product for the purchase and installation of a solar power plant we have seen great progress. Every year, every month, this trend is gaining more and more strength. Not only environmental consciousness makes people do it – it is just beneficial to people. This trend is also showing positive dynamics as credit programs are becoming more attractive, and the equipment is cheaper and cheaper.
Viktor Kondratiuk, director of «Ekotechnik Ukraine»

Renewable energy in Ukraine has gone through major changes. If in 2011 people did not know much about solar plants, only industrial ones were built – now people have started to set domestic solar plants massively.
Legally, this is an easy, simple procedure: a person makes a statement, in which tells why he or she wants to set the plant, gets the technical conditions, pays for them, and oblenergo within 30 days should connect up to 30 kW by law. The second step is to count the cost of the solar station and understand where to place it. It may be placed on the roof of buildings or ground structure.
Our department develops the project, estimates, coordinates everything with the customer, concludes the contract – and in almost 7 days you see that your station is already producing energy, you can see on the counter how much you have already transmitted to the network.